Vaping Vlog - 25.03.2016 - 5 Days Of Giveaways - Gonads - Box Reborn

Hi all,

Who likes giveaways? You do? Great!

In todays vlog i announce how next week i will be doing a 5 day long "GiveAwayAthon" where i am going to upload a giveaway video each day for prizes ranging from variable wattage mods to bundles of juice!

All you have to do to for your chance of winning a prize is simply post a comment in the YouTube comments to automatically be entered...Please note that there is no giveaway in this particular video though! It all kicks off starting on Monday the 28th of March 2016

Also in todays vlog will be a brief discussion about my sore testicles, a heads up on my new Facebook page and i also let you know whats coming up next in the review queue

Here are some links to the websites / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-

The upcoming giveaway prizes have been kindly donated by the following companies:- (5% Discount Code - ECR69) (5% Discount Code - ECR69) (5% Discount Code - ECR69)

I purchased my Aspire Cleito "Fat Boy" tank from the UK Aspire website but have since found them for half the price here -

igetcha69 T-Shirts, Hoodies etc -

igetcha69 new Facebook page -

Home of the Box Reborn -

Home of the SX-Ray -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Sore Gonads - 0:20
igetcha69 T-Shirts etc - 2:27
5 Days Of Giveaways - 2:40
Aspire Plato - 5:30
SX-Ray - 6:00
Box Reborn - 7:00
Cleito Fat Boy Tank - 8:17
New Facebook Page - 9:38

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