Vaping Vlog - 23.11.2015 - Side Effects - Donuts - GP Piccoloid

Hi all,

Today i will start off by going through some viewer comments from the previous vlog before discussing and sharing with you some of the strange side effects i encountered when initially switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. Next will be the e-liquids i recently purchased in my attempt to find a good donut juice, followed by some views on cloud chasing vs regular vaping. I then wrap up the vlog with news on up coming reviews

Here are some links to the companies / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-

Review of the ROK Stogie Cigar -

Where i got my recent E-Liquids from -

Home of the GP Piccoloid -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Comments / quitting Stories - 1:22
Constipation, shingles and other ailments! - 9:46
Donut juice and e-liquids i purchased - 13:50
Cloud chasing vs high nic mouth inhales - 20:10
Why do vapers wear black?? - 23:12
GP Piccoloid - 25:16

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