Vaping Vlog - 16.11.2015 - Viewer Questions - My Vaping Journey - Reuleaux DNA200

Hi all,

My apologies for the length of this vlog (and for being slightly out of focus!) but i had no idea that i had been talking for so long! Anyway, in this video i start off by providing an update to my recent OBS Crius review before proceeding to answer some of the viewer questions that were raised in the previous vlog. From that point i share with you my vaping journey which covers my 1st experiences with tobacco cigarettes (and porn!), my addiction and the quitting methods i tried, the discovery of electronic cigarettes thanks to my father and then how i ended up becoming a vaping reviewer. And then to finish off the video i briefly discuss my latest purchase which is the Reuleaux DNA200

Here are some links to the companies / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-

Review of the OBS Crius -

Where i got my flavour concentrates from -

Home of the Radius -

Where i purchased my 1st ever E-Cig - (now Vype?)

Where i purchased my 1st ever satisfying vape - (10% Discount Code - MC69)

A link to my 1st ever review -

Where i purchased the Reuleaux DNA200 -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

OBS Crius update - 0:16
Viewer questions and answers - 1:38
My vaping journey - 18:04
Reuleaux DNA200 - 37:42

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