Vaping Vlog - 11.01.2016 - Giveaway - Snow Queen - Mutank RTA

Hi all,

In todays Vlog i start off by giving away an Aspire Quest Mini kit thanks to Liberro and a rather embarrassing faux pas i made. Next up i discuss my new year resolutions and reveal my ongoing battle with vegetables.
The next section of the Vlog will be a quick 1st impressions of a juice sent over by TheDruidsBrew followed by talking about the setups that I've been vaping over the christmas period. And then to wrap up the Vlog i go through some of the upcoming reviews that are waiting in line to be recorded.

Here are some links to the websites / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-

Giveaway prize donated by - (5% discount Code - ECR69)

Home of the Snow Queen E-Liquid -

Home of the Mutant RTA -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Faux pas - 1:20
Quest Mini giveaway - 3:10
New year resolutions - 4:20
Hate vegetables - Love Nutri Ninja! - 8:13
No more juice reviews! (Well, for now) - 11:46
Snow Queen 1st impressions - 13:07
Mutant RTA - 19:27
Upcoming reviews - 21:44

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