Vaping Vlog - 09.11.2015 - Wales - Vapemail - Cloupor Mini

Hi all,

In todays Vlog i introduce you to my family via a short vid i made showing our recent trip to Wales whilst staying at my mums farm. On a more vape related note, i go through a package i received during recording and give some thoughts on the flavourings i had purchased and this is then followed by some 1st impressions and thoughts on a Cloupor Mini that was sent to me anonymously as well as the Tesla Nano 100W mod which was sent out for review from DirectVapor

Here are some links to the companies / products mentioned in the video:-

Where i get my mixing supplies from -

Where i "think" the Cloupor Mini came from -

Supplier for the Tesla Nano 100W Mod -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Response to last Vlog comments - 1:08
Meet the family / Wales trip - 6:02
Vapemail arrival - 12:42
Cloupor Mini - 19:52
Ginger cat - 20:40
Tesla Nano 100W Mod - 25:29
Nickers explanation! - 28:36

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