Vaping Vlog - 09.02.2016 - My Top 5 Favourite E-Liquids...Ever!!

Hi all,

In todays Vlog we start off by announcing the winner for the Mirage Premium Range E-Liquid giveaway and then i unfortunately have to make people aware of a dirty toe rag scammer masquerading as myself who is contacting suppliers and trying to blag free gear!

The next section of the Vlog will be focused on my top 5 favourite e-liquids...ever! I go through each one and explain my reasons why i enjoy vaping them and provide links so that you may try them for yourself. Just bare in mind though that taste is highly subjective...what i love, you may hate!

Finally, i briefly discuss and ask for your opinions on DIY mixing when using flavour concentrates that contain Acetoin and other known nasties

Here are some links to the websites / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-

Giveaway prize donated by - 10% Discount Code - MC69

Many thanks to for making me aware of the scammer

Where I purchase my Capella flavour concentrates -

Home of the "Cubana" E-Liquid - - 15% Discount Code - ECR69

Home of the "I Love Donuts" E-Liquid -

Where to purchase my beloved "Titan Fluid - Tobacco" E-Liquid - or

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Mirage Premium Juice winner - 0:18
Muggy scammer! - 1:43
My top 5 fave E-Liquids...ever! - 4:48
Acetoin and other nasties!? - 20:14

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