Vaping Vlog - 08.08.2016 - VapeFest 2016 - VGOD TrickTank Pro - StingRay Box

Hi all,

So today is finally a vlog day! My apologies for such a long gap between vlogs but sadly things have been less than straight forward over the past few months.
Anyway, this vlog will be mainly covering my experience of Vapefest 2016 which is the 1st vaping event I’ve been to since 2012. All in all it was a fantastic day and a real privilege to be able to meet up with old friends and make some new ones too! In addition i also managed to meet up with fellow reviewers and friends such as Todd, Dean the Vaping Biker and the guys from the Ideal Ohm Show.

Next up in the vlog will be a quick show n tell of some items coming up for review and also a quick look at a new RDTA from VGOD that arrived in the post this morning…As an added bonus you will get to see me wearing a snapback and muscle vest!

Here are a few links to people and companies mentioned in the video:-

Todd –
Ideal Ohm Show –
Vaping Biker –
Damian / A Bloody Good Vaping –
vaping v1ck –

Elemental Mods –
Hellfire Mods –
Golden Box Mods –

And some time stamps:-

Gypsies – 0:25
Vapefest – 2:44
Old friends – 7:17
Todd – 8:30
Ideal Ohm Show Lads – 9:35
Vaping Biker – 10:36
Golden Box Mods – 17:42
Elemental Mods – 18:08
Hellfire Phantom – 18:19
StingRay Box – 21:27
TrickTank Pro RDTA – 23:32
Muscle Vests! – 26:16

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