Vaping Vlog - 02.03.2016 - DIY E-Liquid Mixing!

Hi all,
Okay, so after receiving many requests over the past couple of months i have finally got round to recording a vlog that focuses on how i mix up my liquid. Now i want to stress that this video is not designed to "teach" a person how to mix, instead its simply a video to talk about my own experiences, the equipment i use and how i personally mix up my juice.
The video will cover the following points - Why DIY? - Safety - Recommendations - Equipment - Mixing
"Why DIY?" will be talking about my personal objectives for mixing and i go into the massive cost savings involved
"Safety" will briefly cover some common sense necessities
"Recommendations" will be a section to discuss other YouTube channels that i feel provide excellent content that can help people getting into DIY mixing
"Equipment" will cover the items and ingredients i use to mix up my juice and how my techniques have changed and progressed since 1st trying my hand at mixing back in 2010
"Mixing" will demonstrate how i mix up one of my own recipes that i call "Custard Batter Cake"
Here are some links to the websites / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-
Where i purchase my nicotine base and VG -
Where i purchase most of my flavourings:-
Where i purchase my 100ml empty bottles -
These are the scales that i use - (Affiliate Link - Thank you for supporting the channel)
100ml glass measuring cylinders - (Affiliate Link - Thank you for supporting the channel)
3 Piece funnel set - (Affiliate Link - Thank you for supporting the channel)
100ml syringes - (Affiliate Link - Thank you for supporting the channel)
Recommended Youtube channels for DIY mixing:-
DIY or DIE YT Channel -
New Amsterdam Vape YT Channel -
New Amsterdam Vape DIY play list -
My recipes and profile on
All my recipes -
My Custard Batter Cake recipe -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Intro - 0:09
Why DIY? - 1:44
Safety - 6:35
Recommendations - 8:32
Equipment - 10:35
Mixing my Custard Batter Cake! - 16:52
Closing thoughts - 31:46

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