Vaping Vlog - 02.02.2016 - Giveaway - Mini Reviews - Altus Tank

Hi all,

Welcome to another vlog! Today we start off by very briefly going through what I've been up to over the past week or so before moving swiftly on to giving away the whole new "Platinum" juice line from Mirage. And staying with Mirage, the next stage of the vlog consists of 5 mini reviews which discuss my 1st impressions of their new juice line

The next section of the vlog will be a discussion of the new Altus that i recently purchased which claims to be the worlds 1st coil less tank. I provide some close up photos of the components and talk about my frustrations and annoyances having used it for the past few days

To wrap up the vlog i then request some help for vlog ideas as I'm struggling my bollocks off trying to come up with new things!

Here are some links to the websites / products / videos mentioned in the vlog:-

Giveaway provided by (10% Discount Code - MC69)

SuckMyMod YT channel -

Altus Tank purchased from -

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Plastering and decorating - 0:14
Mirage Platinum juice giveaway - 2:19
5 mini reviews - 5:57
Annoyances of the Altus Tank - 23:26
Request for help - 37:00

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