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astro cat flavors my thoughts

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astro cat flavours, 15% flavour
20 watts, aromamizer dripping mode, 0.55ohms
3 days steep

irun bru
smells like alcohol
week taste, im not to sure on the flavor  it taste ok. its weak 5/10

smells strong like fruit and fairy liquid
taste like fruit polo, taste nice the flavor is weak,, 5.5/10

strawberry and milkshake
smells divine
strawberry taste nice but not into the milshake part, kinda weak flavour, 5/10

peach snhapps
smells divine
taste like burnt peach 5/10

digestive biscuit
smells like custard
taste like custard with a biscuit taste. weak flavor, 5/10

bannana and strawberry
smells week n not much about it
taste all right but again weak flavour, 5/10

dandilion n burdock
smells just like it
theres a taste there, hard to describe its kinda like the taste tho, im on the fence and the flavor strengh is good, 7/10

reeces chocoloate
smells weird
taste weird, its kinda like it but would say its to dark n does have a penuty taste, 6/10

brazzilian orange
smells divine
taste like xo or xho range orange except a bit improved, weakish flavour, not my cuppa tea 5/10

jammy dogers
smells like an industrial chemical
taste like it to, the flavour could be to strong but i doubt it, 0/10

black jack
smells like a herbal medicine
taste like a herbal medicine, its the worst black jack ive tried, its like vaping herbs lol 0/10

bannana and custard
smells like custard
taste ok, but it aint good, its very weak, 5/10

rum and raison
smells like a asian shop in bolton from the 1980s, taste like it to, very spicey, 0/10

apple crumble
smells strong like an applish smell
its kinda like it, its weak n blagging, i dunu with this so a 5/10

so ive noticed most the flavors are weak, and either need more steeping or more flavor or be chucked away, my coil is working perfectly
as grandmars lemonade from chefs vapor comes out proper good, aparantly these flavors are rebranded chefs choice flavors, ive never had chefs choice flaovors,
just chefs vapor expensive ones, and there is a big noticable difference, these flavors are just cheap with a couple of decent ones that may get better with a longer steep,
i dont recomend these and wont be buying astro cat or chefs choice in the future so there my thoughts on astro cat  :D

Excellent work Andy, good to hear what you make of them

I think I remember seeing somewhere that they are cupcake world flavours rebranded by chefs vapour and ecigshop

ive never liked cupcake world its probally why i dont like um  :P

I have only ever tried one ccw flavouring and it was very weak

Nice one Andy....and if they are the cupcake world ones then I can understand your views....their flavours aren't the best...

Can't beat perfumers apprentice  ;D that's just my personal preference..


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