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recommendations please


I am looking for a good supplier of nicotine concentration  at a reasonable price and a popular tobacco flavour please . Any recommendations ??
Thanks guys


I get my nicotine from either everything liquid - http://everythingliquid.co.uk/


the ecig shop - http://thee-cigshop.co.uk/index.php?route=module/age_verification

Both do a very good selection of flavourings, though it is a very long time since I have made any tobacco flavour liquid

Darkstar do very nice nicotine at very nice prices.  Fast delivery too. prices for their flavours (flav art, capella etc) seem pretty decent as well. Ive only got nic from them and I find its very good. Never got flavours from them, so I can't pass any advice on them.

as regarding flavor ,it is very subjective ,different strokes for different folks and all that, i used to get something similar to this http://www.cig-eliquid.co.uk/Tab_Blended_Hangsen_flavour_concentrate_10ml_Tobacco/p649230_6013240.aspx ,like funky has said its been along time since i vaped tobacco ,some people have said mix this at 10% might be a good starting point for a nice tobacco flavor


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