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Flavour Art Orange from LF foaming/bubbling


Hello all,

I have mixed up 200 ml of eliquid using 3X10ML bottles of FA Orange from LF. I was a little surprised to see bubbles(like from soap) inside the 10ML bottles upon emptying, then when mixed with the base(Mostly VG with distilled water and some PG) and shaken it became very cloudy, with white foam forming at the top. It has now been a day and it is still cloudy with the foam on top. Is this normal? Is eliquid meant to foam? I have never seen it before in my previous mixes, little air bubbles tend to form but after a few hours they float to the top and pop, this stuff is like soap... Haven't vaped it yet, and Im considering binning it if it stays like this.

Doesn't sound to promising.........I would have a word with LF about it.

does not sound good there mate something is up with your mix maybe the bottles you mixed in had something in them if not i would send it to the trash can  :(


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