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help on pg/vg ratio


1 year vaper:
hi,its been 4 months on mixing e liquid i am diluting flav whit 50/50  ratio and it was fine using it on my rda an subtank nano till i gave a little to try for my wife on kanger  aerotank   whit that coils whit tiny hole"s its seems that was not wicking properly so cheeked the oil ratio she was buying and she was  doing great was 70 pg/30vg and i try that ratio but still not wicking good then i did 90 pg/10vg it was a little better but there was no flavor i feel confused. it will be nice if she can use my liquid and not have to spend money to buy anymore.

No oil whit eliquid  ;)

1 year vaper:
i had to write e liquid or e juice,not the reply i was expecting thank you anyway for correcting me on bad writing.

yeah, sorry about that but i couldn't resist - it is rather difficult to decipher though and oil really is a no no.

in reply though to your question, it would be unusual to need to use a ratio as high as 90/10 and i think you should by right be able to use 70/30 without issue in an aerotank.

1 year vaper:
i think it is a mystery that can't be solved.i am really doing everything by the book. i am using  flavorart as a flavor maybe the pg or vg


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