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Hi Guys, new to this mixing lark, Can you advice on the must have concentrate flavors for mixing, ie vanilla menthol ect, only thing i have at the moment is tobacco and melon, while it not a bad taste theirs something missing, a few drop of this or that maybe, any advice appreciated, Thanks  TROY.

I buy all sorts of flavours, mostly from either justvape247 - http://www.justvape247.com/    or   Tjuice - http://www.t-juice.com/

flavour suggestions are very difficult, in essence what ever flavours you like you will probably be able to find to make eliquid from

to echo what funkybunch has said, flavour is awkward to determine beyond your own palate - best advice we can give you, is to try out as many as you can within your budget or limitations.

the two links which funky provided above are a damn good start and will introduce you to a fantastic array of possibilities.

i will offer one particular recommendation, t-juice 'red astaire' ... that one happens to be among my own aswell others, favourites.

+1 to what funky and ged said. Apart from adding decadent, flavourers and perfumers apprentice to the list, TWs gold standard aint that bad. As for individual flavours, vanillas, menthols and tobaccos can be mixed with allsorts of fruit and nutty flavours. Not to mention chocolate and coffee. The  only limit is your own imagination.
My own preference at the moment "for some time now" is TWs  menthol ice, love it straight up or mixed with cherry, blackcurrant or apple,.
 Taste is very subjective though, so , best to experiment and find your favourites.
 T juice flavours are a bit nice also.

Thanks Guys, Have made a list of flavors i like, Now another question,  So you make up say custard pie mix have a vape and its much to sweet, what can i add to make it  less sweet, and visa versa what do i add to increase sweetness, or its to creamy, a bit sickly, is it just the case of diluting the mix with VG/PG ?,        My personnel taste so far is,  I like a mild tobacco, with a hint of sweetness, and not to much throat hit, a good amount of vapor, and just a smooth gentle vape, TROY


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