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Nicotine is a hazardous substance and should be treated with caution at all times. If handled incorrectly it can cause serious injury and in extreme cases has the potential to END lives. If you have kids please keep it out of their reach, and the same applies to pets & your dear old grandmother who thinks it's gin. Myself and will not be held liable should you mishandle this stuff and injury or death occurs as a result

Remember at 72mg this stuff will need cutting down before using to vaporise. I won't do this on your behalf.


So what are we buying?

A 28.5Kg drum of nicotine. (30kg including the drum.. won't be making that mistake again!)

It will be 72mg Propylene Glycol base.

What will I get?

The nicotine will be in 1 litre bottles, 1Kg should equate to about 970ml If I recall correctly, but it will be weighed anyway.

How will it be sent?

UK Mail

How long between paying and getting it?

Last time it was 6-8 weeks, the manufacturer has stated 4-6 weeks this time. My advice is allow for 8 weeks ish.

Where is it coming from?

The UK. Which means all the associated consumer rights :-) So I'm not overly concerned that the business would like paying by BACS payment which I would be if it were another country I were ordering in.


Ah the fun bit eh?

It's working out at £56.85 per Kilo before delivery

This includes the nicotine, the bottles, the boxes, printing costs, sellotape (oh man I love the tape!), petrol for my car.

Extra bottle?

Based on the dimentions I have to keep to for postage if anyone wants an extra bottle it'll be £1.41 and you'll need to let me know whether you want 1L or 500ml.

What about delivery cost?

This is variable depending on where you live, I'll be asking for post codes before I take any payment so I can let you know total cost including delivery before you decide to proceed.

If you wanna save some money and you're close to West Yorkshire you're welcome to collect, but let me know this is what you'll be doing at the time you send the email you'll be asked to send after payment.

What about payment?

Payment I'll be wanting when the list completes, before I make the order.

You can make payment any way you like, so long as the amount I receive is  the amount for your order. If you want to pay by Payal, please factor in any Paypal charges so the amount I receive is the full amount after charges. There will however be a few payment options on the email, choose whichever suits you best.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be prompt with responses. If you can't make payment, say so, i'll offer it up to someone else.

The List

1. itsmeitis - PAID
2. jonn AAEC - PAID
3. ckc AAEC - PAID
4. upgrader AAEC - PAID
5. chrisjw AAEC - PAID
6. vapeit AAEC - PAID
7. Bluefish AAEC - PAID
8. Jockyspants AAEC - PAID
9. Jockyspants AAEC - PAID
10A. Kong - 500g - PAID
10B. Fagsareus AAEC - 500g - PAID
11. spikey_fridge AAEC - PAID
12. meforgetful AAEC - PAID
13. marshallar - PAID
14. dave AAEC -PAID
15. Si - PAID
16. Ballsy - PAID
17. Jordan - PAID
18A. g3mma AAEC - 500g - PAID
18B. pebbles AAEC - 500g - PAID
19. richeh AAEC - PAID
20. barrynorton AAEC - PAID
21. buzbybarz - PAID
22. gruff - PAID
23. I Shall Not Recant - PAID
24. Remnant AAEC - PAID
25. Redron AAEC - PAID
26. Poochops AAEC - PAID
27. Kay AAEC - PAID
28. Robdelmar AAEC - PAID
28.5 (This is for 500g) GunJack AAEC - PAID

2nd list, I can only order in 28.5kg at a time, if it doesn't complete I can't order it

1. Pezz AAEC - PAID
2A. Stonethecrows - PAID
2B. pauljbl AAEC - PAID
3. dagl AAEC - PAID
4. spikey_fridge AAEC - PAID
5. spikey_fridge AAEC - PAID
6. dickyg AAEC  - PAID
7. tjlumley AAEC - PAID
8. Xs2man AAEC - PAID
9. Xs2man AAEC - PAID
10. Richieh AAEC - PAID
11. Janet (work colleague) - PAID
12. Daddy Cool - PAID
13. InAnElectricMist - PAID
14A. Herbie AAEC - PAID
14B. chrisjw AAEC - PAID
15. fred AAEC - PAID
16. a1laserboy - PAID
17. Brambles AAEC - PAID
18. Redron AAEC - PAID
19. Spyder - PAID
20. Valleys Vaper - PAID
21. Rebelpants - PAID
22. eddy-r3 - PAID
23. freefromsmoking AAEC - PAID
24. ThirtyQuidKid - PAID
25. Bluefish - PAID
26. MarkS - PAID
27. freefromsmoking AAEC - PAID
28. Johanino AAEC - PAID
28.5 googled AAEC - PAID


It has come to my attention that with some group buys (and indeed some vendor purchases) sweets are being included.

Therefore, each package will contain a small section of bubble wrap. Which is far more fun. ;) (Hope I've enough if the second list completes eek)


0.5 pleeease

just pm'd you mate. Funds transferred. Thanks Ric

paypalled and details sent to e-mail address.
fanx, lots of love, gruff


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