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new group buys vs the clones


i wholeheartedly agree with scotts ideals regarding the purchasing of clone/copies of existing mods, but if it werent for clone/copies we would still have sony walkmans, jvc stereos and toshiba tv s.  what computor are you using right now? the original, or an original cheaper copy/clone. im using an acer aspire as we speak, i dont give a f**k if its a copy/ clone or original, i just know it works and  it works as well as anything else on the market.
where does copyright stop and a free enterprise begin.
my point is, if you want to buy 24ct gold battery boxes, you can, if you want to buy a lesser alternative you should be able to as well. if the people who produce these elitist mods dont/wont/cant copyrighjt their ideas,you cant blame the chinese for making more affordable replicas. its business.
when was the last time you went to the chinky and ordered a pizza. you dont do it, do ya.

ill take a chicken,with green peppers in black bean sauce from the local chinese than trying to get it from the local english chippy, anytime.
the chinese are good at what they do, and if thats copies, well thats good enough for me.
dont **** with the chinese, they will, one day inherit the earth.
386 over n out

Removed because I can't be arsed.

People are free to discuss clones all they buys for clones however are NOT permitted

If you don't like it, jog on :P


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