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what is ecca,s take on smoking monkeys

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and does ecca have a plan of action to get these smoking monkeys on electric cigs? and if they do hava plan, what is the plan on getting battrys to the jungle, cause i doubt ya be able to make power plants in the jungle unless ya bribed the goverment  :o i do seem to conclude most smoking monkeys live in asia and have lots of power supply as they live close to citys and towns, what we could do is export the smoking monkys from the jungles to england so not only do we have a pet monkey but we will have monkeys that us vapers have something in common with, n by default will not just be our pet but will be are famly  :D

p,s im in no way in a conspiracy to make planet of the apes a reality, i saw the film, but im not crazy  :D

Not a touch of crazy at all Andy . LOL

It's the old opposable thumbs theory again.  :-*

I don't think that I could ever smoke a monkey, unless my DK Tab ran out of course  ;D

I have vaped gorilla and it wasn't too bad :P


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