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We need photos of your mods

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Didnt think ECCA needed this thread now...So just:

Show us what you got   ;)


--- Quote from: Fiona on September 14, 2011, 01:38:17 PM ---Many of you may know that much of the Police force needs to be educated on vaping, e-cigs and mods...Police do and will confiscate a mod if they think its a device used for 'Drugs'

Photos with your hand holding the mod would be great, as to give an idea of the size of the mod.

--- End quote ---

Far be it from me to tell ECCA what to do, but, if the Police need educating on vaping, e-cigs and mods, might it not be an idea to include photos of any e-cig, mod or not that differs from a standard cig-a-like?

We would like as many different types as possible.......These different 'PV's' can then also be listed on the website and labelled if needed....

As I said, we also need Photos of different types for the promotion of E-cigs and educating people too...We also need to try and get the those who dont use forums like this....As we know way too many people go and buy an over expensive piece of rubbish, then realise there are places like this to give advice...Theres a lot to it and a lot to do...If you want to become an ECCA member and help out, your very welcome...  ;D

I just need photos  ;D

Prof Beard:
Here's a few:

Thank you Prof your a star!  ;D


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