Vaping Vlog - 21.12.2015 - Building A Video Recording Studio

Hi all,

Todays Vlog is a little different than usual as there isn't actually much vaping involved! As i had received many requests to demonstrate how i set up my recording equipment i decided to film the process in order to make a short video to share with you. But after realising that each time i record a review i spend around 90 minutes just setting up my equipment i decided that i had to make some urgent changes in order to make things a lot simpler for myself and become more productive.
In this video i start off by going through how i have been setting up my equipment for the close up shots followed by how i set up for the vaping shots (head shots). The next stage of the video is to show you how i transformed our 4th bedroom into a very small and compact video recording studio and i go through the whole process from start to finish.
If you don't have any interest in recording equipment and recording setups then sadly this Vlog will probably be of very little interest unfortunately, but i can assure you that the next Vlog will be back to normal and focusing on the wonderful world of vaping!

As requested, here are some time stamps:-

Video Introduction - 0:08
Setting Up For Close Shots - 6:00
Setting Up For Head Shots - 8:16
Building The Studio - 12:50
Video Outro - 36:35

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