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Title: first time mixin
Post by: Rybes on January 15, 2012, 11:34:04 AM
afternoon all  ;D im after some advice on mixin up some liquids. i have a problem tho. ive read all i can on mixin up liquids and i wanna give it a go. thing is, ive read level 10 mixin instructions and wanna do that cos i always jump in at the deep end. what i wanna know is what are the best baby steps to take in startin o mix ya own liquids ?
i was thinkin maybe mix pg n vg tgeva until i get a vapour production i like. then add nic liquid to find a strength, then add a flavour till i find one i like.

hows that sound ?
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: Fiona on January 15, 2012, 02:06:43 PM
If you do it that way the ratios with naturally change as you then play about with flavour and nic strengths.

 I suggest using the Eliquid calculator, which can be found on the mixing area or on the forums website page......Then making up 5 ml amounts/bottles using the percentages you want........I also suggest when using the eliquid calculator, to change the box that says water/vodka to 0 instead of 5..........Leave the last box at 20 drops, no matter how much you make........Just experiment with the rest.

Anymore questions?  ;D
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: suavedave on January 29, 2012, 05:12:15 PM
I tried several guides but got this one straight from the horse mouth ie the guy who makes it in Wales

To create 24mg PG American Red you need to mix the ingredients below at the percentages given:
“Platinum Ice 54mg PG” 44%
“PG diluent”  31%
“VG  diluent” 15%
“American Red” Concentrate 10%

Interesting as the flavour percentage is quite different to many guides out there

It tasted very bland until today ie 10 days after steeping and it now tastes like their ready mixed supply - at long last cheaper vaping for me just got to get my batches made up to allow steeping time.
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: RicAlex on January 29, 2012, 05:23:03 PM
Would be even cheaper if you used cheaper Nic base instead of the ice I reckon. It would be interesting to know how much its costing you per 30ml doing it this way.
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: Fiona on January 29, 2012, 05:30:13 PM
That recipe may work for that flavouring but I doubt it will work on many of the blander flavours....Even if they have been steeped.

Flavouring strengths and makes are of course down to personal preference too  ;D   That's why people who mix their own may have to experiment to find out what ratios they like best.....

Glad you found a mix you like...That's the most important thing ;D

P.S you can buy much cheaper nicotine than the platinum ice.  And I'm sure just as superior!
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: Capt12B on January 29, 2012, 05:44:24 PM
I find its more cost effective to buy premixed base at the level you want to work with . Currently I get 250 ml of 75/25 pg/vg 36mg base for around $30 from MFS and fav concentrates from PA for 30 ml for $5 so simply mixing it all together and off the top of my head I would expect 280 ml of 32 mg juice at 8% flavor at a cost of just over $0.12 a ml.  I do mix a tad higher (10-15%) but also add additional pg/vg now as I have found I like lower nic levels with my oddy and expect that I probably am paying under $0.10 a ml in the end ;D
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: suavedave on January 29, 2012, 06:27:22 PM
You are right re Plat Ice, I could not justify it either and bought some Uk sourced Nic based - well I sourced it from Uk but supplier got it from CN. Tried a UK source to be honest but I checked out their facilities and compared it with CN labs and the 2 bed terrace in Norwich didnt compare (sorry may be opening a new topic here) anyway. Sub my Nic vape £19 per 100ml @ 54mg and I have calculated my 30ml bottle will cost me £3.93 or 13p per ml. I could go lower with larger volumes of nic base, lower strength or alternative sources of PG and  VG - Fiona knows were best to buy them. I am stuck with the flavour from DV until I venture out.  The cheapest 30ml of DV American Red - just paid £9.99 still far less than DV £16.95 plus £1
Title: Re: first time mixin
Post by: Fiona on January 29, 2012, 06:52:24 PM
Propylene Glycol £8.99 Boots the Chemist (Has to be ordered via pharmacist...Comes in next day if they dont hav it in stock)
Vegetable glycerin  89p Boots the chemist (By the cough syrups) (Not behind counter)

Nicvape in the US do very reasonable priced Nicotine.......Delivery price is good to. (Its now where I get mine from)
Liberty Flights are about the cheapest in the UK..... (where I used to buy)

For a UK vendor, Liberty Flights are hard to beat on the price and selection of their flavourings.
There are of course many in the US and China that sell cheaper flavourings but I only buy from over seas if I'm buying in bulk or getting a flavouring I cant get in the UK.