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Post by: igetcha on November 18, 2014, 10:32:12 AM
ECR Forum Rules For Boot Sale Selling:-

1. All transactions are carried out entirely at your own risk  -  E-Cig-Reviews.com, its owner and anyone associated with E-Cig-Reviews.com accept no responsibility whatsoever for any actions that take place within the Boot Sale section.

2. Absolutely no commercial selling whatsoever  -  Only private sales are permitted and anyone believed to be using this section as a commercial business will have their posting privileges removed without notice.

3. Any items being sold must be very clearly described and any defects to its looks or functionality must be openly and honestly stated in the description.

4. The ONLY payment method allowed is PayPal.

5. PayPal gift payments are NOT permitted  -  When stating the price of the item(s) you MUST include the cost of any PayPal fees PLUS the cost of postage  -  This is for your own protection.

6. Do NOT post personal contact details - Please only respond via PM and then post "PM sent" in the thread to show interest and make the seller aware.

7. Auction style bidding is NOT permitted.

8. Once an item(s) has been sold successfully, please update the thread title to state "SOLD".

9. Any breach of the above rules will result in the thread being removed without notice.

Anyone wishing to sell an item(s) should utilise the following template:-


1. Thread Title

2. Description

3. Condition

4. Included items

5. Total selling price

Here is an example sale:-

(Title of the thread) For Sale - Sony PS4

Description - For sale i have a working Sony PS4 which comes with 1 controller, manual and box

(add photos of item(s) if possible)

Condition - This item is in good working condition, though there are some minor cosmetic scratches

Included Items - You will receive the Sony PS4, 1 controller, 1 manual (All in original box)

Total Selling Price (Inclusive of PayPal fees and postage) - £250

Contact me via PM to express your interest

Please treat the Boot Sale section with respect and follow the rules to ensure a smooth transaction!

Many thanks,

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