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Author Topic: Thursday 14th April 2011 - GoToWebinar trial 9pm  (Read 2303 times)


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Thursday 14th April 2011 - GoToWebinar trial 9pm
« on: April 15, 2011, 06:41:01 PM »

GoToWebinar test report (taken from http://www.eccauk.org/index.php/news).
An excellent time was had by all. A slow start developed into a heated debate on what could or could not be attempted before formally establishing a committee, with the first speakers strongly suggesting that nothing at all should be done until a committee was elected. Then others replied that, in that case, nothing would be done for some time, which conflicted with the problem that there was much that could and should be done as soon as possible.

A compromise was reached in which it was decided that a good idea would be to hold a full general meeting in two week's time on Wednesday 27th. Because this meet had not been announced as a meeting, it was only right that matters should be fully discussed and decided at a later date. Therefore the following items would be decided on the 27th:

1. Assuming that work needed to be commenced immediately, does the meeting agree that a steering committee should be elected who will carry out the Association's business until a full election can be held approximately one month later.
2. If that motion is passed, then those persons who have put their names forward for election as temporary committee members will be eligible for election if proposed and seconded.
3. On the resulting steering committee there should be one representative from each of the UK forums plus sufficient persons to fill all the required positions for officers. These officers would be elected as part of the committee, and persons who put their names forward would state which position they were applying for, and state their reasons for applying on a page of the ECCA website specifically for that purpose. The committee would ideally number about eight persons plus the Chair, but that would depend on the number of job positions that needed to be filled.

This arrangement fulfills several requirements:
1. It means that nothing of any substantial nature would be decided before a temporary committee is elected.
2. It will remove any argument that the Thursday meeting was not the proper time or place to decide matters.
3. It provides a reasonable time (two weeks) to arrange anything that needs to be resolved.
4. It means that the true work of the Association can begin fairly soon.

There was also a great deal of discussion on the question of the involvement of Ireland: an Irish representative asked why ECCA could not also include Ireland. In response, several things were pointed out:

1. By definition, the UK does not include Ireland as it is a separate country.
2. The inclusion of Ireland without some sort of formal request, and with the Association name indicating that the UK included Ireland, could well be seen as an insult by Irish community members.
3. Therefore a formal request would need to be received on behalf of the Irish contingent. This could be presented at the Wednesday 27th general meeting.
4. If this meant that Ireland then joined, the name of the Association would most likely need to be changed as a result, to something like ECCA UKI, the E-Cigarette Consumer Association of the UK and Ireland, or similar.

A similar discussion arose as to the position of American members present - and indeed those from all other countries. There were conflicting requirements: ECCA clearly needed all the assistance it could get - but it was demonstrably a UK (or UK & Ireland) consumer group and might be seen as non-representative if a proportion of members were from abroad. Broadly, the assistance given by American members was welcomed, but there were worries about exactly how to constitute the membership. Overseas Membership with non-voting rights was mentioned. This matter needs much further discussion.

Several features of the GoToWebinar application were found eminently satisfactory, one of them being the voting system, which was excellent. There was a two-level text chat facility, and the meeting's technical host had full control of who spoke and when. The GTW system received a full vote of confidence and it was decided to use it for all full meetings where possible.

The type of materials to be placed on the ECCA site pages, regarding committee membership, was discussed. It was stated as desirable that the ECCA site should now start registering members as soon as this could be enabled. Only members would be eligible to vote at future meetings.

Our thanks go to Scott (Igetcha), Dave K (THV) and Dave D (Hifistud) for arranging and hosting this and the previous meeting.

Once again: a full meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th 9.30pm, and all being well this will be on GTW as per the Thurs. meeting reported on here. The main business of the meeting will be to decide on the desirability of and elections to a steering committee. Access details will be posted on the forums.

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