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How's the new Aspire Nautilus X atomizer? Should I Buy?


Just found a new atomizer from Aspire: Nautilus X atomizer, seems great. you guys have any idea about it? The features are great for me:

-Adjustable top airflow
-Leak proof design
-2ml capacity(TPD compliant)
-U-Tech coil system
-Ultra low profile design

also find some suppliers have this product, such as MVS & healthcabin.

I want to buy it even though the price is a little higher for me, any local vendors have it soon?

any suggestions here?

Anyway, I have joined the free giveaway released by healthcabin, they will send out 15 sets for free.

share the link here:

vapejames its a little odd that you just join us here on ECR but with in 3 post you are already posting links to web pages and giveaways. your apparent inquiry about the Aspire Nautilus X atomizer seem more like a advertisement then you asking about the atomizer. we have rules about this kind of thing. maybe i'am reading into this more then what is here but check out the ECR chat rules.
and again welcome to the forum ;D

I'm with you on this rocky,  does seem a little bit suss.

Just ordered my Nautilus X. The best part about this tank is the fact that it is a mouth-to-lunger with big flavor, something you expect from sub ohm tanks.

And there have a big discount for the nautilus.


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