Author Topic: Garry Dibley's Children In Need UK Vapefest Buckets - Message From Garry  (Read 2079 times)

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A Message From Garry Dibley :-

You may have seen some collection buckets at this years VF.
Well those were the brain child of Richard Hirst who put together an epic weekend with the faithful crew.
He was kind enough to give me the chance to get some buckets out there to start this years fund raiser.

I purchased 20 buckets that were placed all over the event by some lovely folk.
And they took on the task of recording where they went and collecting them at the end of both days. (more than over and above on top of the weekend events)
For this I thank them deeply more than words can say).

They were placed on vendors tables and left for the duration of the event.
Kind folk donated and the buckets filled.
For me a few folk stood out and before I let you know to total donation I would like the thank them personally.

Rick who put the idea in my head.
Tanisha Who worked hard during the raffle to get the buckets filled. (what a wonderful child and a credit to her parents) Richard Bailey who donated a huge amount just under half the total doanation.
I was gob smacked guys and a huge thank you.
And I need to find the vendor who also took the bucket by the balls and asked folk to donate a £ for what was sample juice.
And finally the VF team who despite being knackered and hardly able to speak counted all the collection buckets and put them out and picked them up.
You guys are epic.

The total donation can be seen here
And this launches this years CIN fund.

I can't say thank you enough. A truly wonderful effort from Vapers.

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If you didnt see the buckets @ukvapefest, you can still donate to this wonderful cause. Lets get Garry to his £4000 target.

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well done again Gary on your continuing effort toward this great cause - 8)

fantastic effort by vapers too - well done all 8)

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Well done Garry...and all who donated...of course, we mustn't forget Nicky and Ria xxx ...they gave them all out and collected them  ;D

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good on ya lad, well done.