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The Royal Society for Public Health- vapourisers
« on: August 13, 2015, 02:41:46 AM »
the Royal Society for Public Health is the longest-established public health organization in the United Kingdom. It is incorporated by Royal Charter completely independent of government and of any special interest. Members are academics, health professionals and practitioners who share an interest in promoting health through their daily work, and come together through Society membership to provide cross-cutting, multidisciplinary perspectives on current health questions. The Society has a total membership is approximately 6.500.

A very interesting report from The Royal Society for Public Health today, in a bid to reduce smoking even further they suggest...

    People needing a fix of nicotine should use e-cigarettes.
    All places selling cigarettes to be forced to also offer e-cigarettes.
    Greater use of e-cigarettes by smoking cessation services.
    A new system to license places that can sell cigarettes.
    And for e-cigarettes to be renamed vapourisers or nicotine control products as the term was misleading.
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