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Can I get good vapor production on a pre built / disposable solution?



I am looking for a temp control mod as I heard that it takes away the nasty dry hits which is what put me off ecigs.

With that in mind....

Do you get decent pre built atomizers yet?  Basically what I want is to buy a decent device, then, go and buy some kind of atty, and then basically buy the disposable bits for that atty for months.

No bits of wire (with loads of material in loads of guages) or wool or tools or reading about ohms.  It makes me sad and miserable.

Can any pre-built / disposable provide a more than decent cloud?

there are some fantastic options available in 'sub-ohm' tank type atomisers - the majority take replacement disposable 'heads' and cost around a couple of quid each.

once one is spent, either buggered or just under-performing, you simply unscrew the old and screw in a new.

with a temperature controlled device, you'll need compatible heads to compliment the functionality of the device - temperature control more often relies on Ni200 heads which are generally available for the most popular tanks.

here's a complete solution or kit - capable of clouds and temperature controlled.

the device is 510 and costs between £65-£80

i aint tried temp control yet, but if i do, it'd probably be the setup itsmiged suggested. on the other hand, a nice subtank on a decent mod would suffice. kangers pre-made coils (0.5 ohms) are pretty much faultless imho. loads of vapour and flavour, a good benchmark to start with. from them, try out others and see which is better for you.
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