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Hey, everybody. Vincent from California dropping in to say hi. Been vaping for almost a year now and I'm finally looking forward to getting my first mech mod. I've been using an eGrip because I love the compact, stealthy design of it but it started leaking like a busted water main so I've been heavily considering either the MiniStick with the 18650 extender or a Kato/Black Oak styled mod. I've also started getting interested in sub-ohm vaping like the Atlantis V2 or the Kanger SubTank so hopefully I'll find some knowledgeable people on here to pick their brains. See you all around the forums.

Hello and welcome 😀

Welcome to the forum Vincent. I would say that if the miniStick is as good as the MicroStick then deffo go for one. Chels does great work :D

hello Vincent - welcome to the forum :)

Hello Vincent  :wave


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