Author Topic: BBC report today - "E-cigarettes to be banned from Scotland hospital grounds"  (Read 1015 times)

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BBC News

Patients and visitors will be banned from using electronic cigarettes in hospital grounds across Scotland within weeks.
NHS boards will be required to ensure that their grounds are smoke-free by April.

The Scottish government has said it is up to individual health boards whether they prohibit the use of e-cigarettes.

A survey by BBC Scotland has revealed that all but one health board will completely ban the devices.
Just NHS Lothian will allow the restricted use of the so-called electronic nicotine delivery systems in designated outdoor areas away from entrances.

Other health boards claim that there are concerns about the safety of the unregulated devices.

'Safety issues'
Julie White, chief operating officer NHS Dumfries and Galloway, said: "Our directors of public health across the health boards in Scotland have issued some advice to us which basically states that until we have more evidence available to us around their use and their impact, they should be treated like any other nicotine product and they should not be used in the grounds."

link available at the top of this post for those who may want to read the full article ...

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Ninewells Hospital in Dundee have tried to enforce no smoking on their grounds for years. They have a continuous loop on a loud speaker all about how it's not allowed while there's loads of people sitting on the benches smoking.

The letters they send out now have a bit at the bottom saying:-

Smoking (including the use of E-cigarettes and vaping devices) is not permitted on NHS Tayside grounds or buildings including any vehicle parked on NHS Tayside site.

So they say you're not allowed to even smoke or vape in your own car if you're parked in their car parks, which could be argued seeing as they handed the car parks over to the rip off Vinci private parking company.

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