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So not sure which area this should go as it seems this is sort of a mod but not quite.

Anyway i have been vaping for a couple of years now and have pretty much stuck to my evod as i am happy with the vape, flavour and draw i get. (mouth to lung)

I have over this time tried things like to pro tank mini 2 and aspire k1 tank itaste vv.

I have always gone back to my good old evod as its just a nice vape for me. So with this in mind i want to upgrade, i want to state now that i am not bothered about rebuildables, i am more than happy simply buying coils to chuck in and away i go. (i have rebuild my evod coils in the past but their so cheap, im happy buying them)

I was looking at an eleaf 30w mainly for battery but again i get stuck on a tank (sinlge coil evods for me are great as i dont cain through the juice) i tried a evod dual coil but obviously notice using more juice.

I know i could just use my evod tank on any battery but i would like to upgrade and hopefully have a bit more capacity.

Sorry i am rambling!!!

Anyway cut a long story short i almost went for a eleaf 30w and nautilus mini but my experience with the k1 BVC was shocking ever coil spat juice in my mouth! I know the nautilus BVC's are a liitle different to the k1 but this experience has put me off.

No i am looking at the ego one which i am very keen on and the ego egrip.
My only question is with the ego one having a 1.0ohm coil i am gussing i am going to be using more juice and battery to my evod (with 1.8ohm coils)

Please any suggestions would really help right now their is just to much! I just want a good vape no hastle set up that is as economical as possible. 

Whether or not you'd use more e liquid,  might depend on you upping your own consumption ... It may be, you'll vape less often or take shorter drags based on the increased efficiency of a lower resistance system :-\

here's Scotts review of the ego one:

Yeah thats true, although i imaging i would probably end up vaping the same amount as i do now.

I do really like the ease of the ego one and the size though seems to have some pretty good reviews overall

Ok sod it i have ordered the ONE!  :P


good move i'd say - i suspect you're going to love it 8)


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