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Hi chaps, another new guy here. Well, I say new, new to the forum but not new to vaping. :) I got started on an ego cig and found that it produced nowhere near enough vapour for my likings, not to mention throat hit. So I moved onto a Vamo V3 with Innokin 30s and Kanger aerotank atty's and this was a massive improvement. However, I still haven't given up smoking and really must do now as my health is suffering with it so to that end I have made it my New Years resolution. To give me that extra push I also now own a Provari P3 and some Aspire Nautilus tanks. This seems to vape even better than my previous setup although the added expense of the P3 may have some bearing on it seeming to vape better than the Vamo did. :)

The other reason I spent so much on the P3 is to give me the push to recoup that cash by not buying cigs (or tobacco in my case). I am absolutely determined that smoking this Christmas will be my last for good! I also bought a rebuildable atomiser along with wire and wick but sadly I've found it so much of a fiddle to make the coil and fit it that I'm likely not going to continue down that road. The Nautilus serves my needs very well and replacement coils are reasonably priced so I'm likely to remain on this path.

At some point in the future I may buy some sub-ohm kit and see how that goes but the Provari is certainly more than good enough for now. I started smoking at 14 years old and now at 47 I think it's time to quit the filthy habit. Looking forwards to reading about your setups and experiences. Cheers. :)

Welcome to the forum Parva :)

hello Parva and welcome to the forum :)

Hello there Parva  :D

Cheers chaps. :)


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