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Congratulations Scott - 6 years of Igetcha69 :)

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Congrats Scott on  6 years of youtube reviews :)
and over 10 Million views!!!   :o

And here it is the review that started it all :)

fair old achievement Scott - congrads mate 8)

Wow, 6 years...  I know Scott's reviews made my e-cig. experiment a success, so he probably saved my life in a round about way.
GJ Scott!

Yeah, well done scoot. Ive been  watching your reviews for nearly 2 years now, and they've been a  great help with coiling, wicking and choosing  kit to buy.
 Again, well done scoot.
lots of love, gruff.

ps. Thanks for the help regarding pics/tapatalk.

The reviews have been a big help over the years, thanks Scott  :D

That Mirage review was interesting, and I believe that it was the first time the word 'swanky' was used in an ecig review.


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