Author Topic: Automatic switches for modding?  (Read 14986 times)

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Re: Automatic switches for modding?
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Sorry to resurrect an old topic.

If automatic switching were to be attempted for a VV or VW type mod, I think that a highly chipped box implementation would be the way to go. Splitting the air intake via a specialised mouthpiece would prevent air from having to be drawn through a great distance.A sensitive differential pressure vacuum sensor connected to a microprocessor would allow advantages (customisability of response, profile of response) over a simple membrane based suction switch. A physical toggle switch could provide some security against miss-firing. Likewise safety protocols could be programmed into the electronics. I've summarised this with the attached crude drawings.

I was influenced by this instructional:
... which recommends the differential pressure switch shown at for an arguably similar project.

As well as the internal atomiser system and accessibility of internal components in the billet box mod: