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Author Topic: Confusion - is Natural  (Read 1444 times)


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Confusion - is Natural
« on: September 05, 2014, 01:13:46 AM »

E-cigarettes: Debate - and confusion - is natural ... Nick Triggle, BBC

It can be hard to know quite what to make of e-cigarettes.

Last week the World Health Organization called for a ban on their use in public places and workplaces. The group said it was concerned about the risk which use of the products presented and about their marketing via fruit and candy-style flavours.

Highly-respected bodies in the UK such as the British Medical Association and Faculty of Public Health have also sounded notes of caution.

But there is also a vociferous health lobby warning against over-regulation, arguing that getting smokers to switch to e-cigarettes could actually save lives.

Confused? You won't be the only one.

The arguments raging over the role and risks of e-cigarettes are typical of many that have been heard down the years in the field of health. That is to say it is all about balancing risk and benefit - and as evidence is still emerging it is natural to find a variety of opinion.

After all, e-cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon. Since 2005, the e-cigarette industry has grown from one manufacturer in China to an estimated £1.8bn global business with 466 brands.

But this debate is further complicated by the fact that it is not just the merits of e-cigarettes that is being discussed, but their impact on smoking tobacco products.

On their own, there is little to recommend the use of e-cigarettes. They contain some toxins and, therefore, in theory are potentially harmful.

But, of course, that cannot be seen in isolation. Smoking an e-cigarette - and this is about the only thing that is not disputed - is less harmful than tobacco products. Much less harmful, in fact.

This - according to those who are worried about the tough line being taken by some experts - should be the guiding principle while more research is carried out.


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Re: Confusion - is Natural
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 07:32:21 AM »

An other interesting read  ;D
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