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Smoktech magneto not firing


Today i received my first MOD, the smoktech magneto which i ordered from ukecigcabin but they're on holiday till friday so no customer support until then :S
I also purchased a efest 18350 battery charger and 510/ego adaptor so i can fit my kanger aerotank mini, aspire bdc and iclear 16 clearomisers to it. It doesnt fire, ive checked all the connectors are tight and made adjustments to the centerpin to avoid battery rattle. Ive tested the ego adaptor on my ego battery and that fires every time so i think either its the battery or the mod its self, has anyone had problems with this at all?

make sure the positive connector on both the mod and the atomizer are making contact. even if it fire on one mod the connector on the other mod maybe lower and need to be moved alittle  ;D

justin case:
i think you have to remove the top cap and screw your atomiser on, then screw up the center pin until you feel it meet the atomiser pin.....then put it all together and it should work.

Ive adjusted the center and ive managed to get it to fire, but its not 100% if i hold the mod up slightly above horizontal it fires more often so im guessing as rocc said the pin isnt quite long enough to make contact with both atomizer and battery?


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