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Author Topic: FOR SALE: the Red Astaire and T-Juice extravaganza  (Read 2068 times)


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FOR SALE: the Red Astaire and T-Juice extravaganza
« on: July 22, 2014, 06:28:04 PM »

I bought a load of T-Juice juices (premixed) but only really like the Mentice so selling the rest as a job lot. They were all bought within the last month and apart from the Vamp Vape have only had literally a couple of drops from each bottle (see the pic below). I've been really funny with juice lately and have mainly been vaping Snake Oil and Bobas (which I hated at first). Think I'm going weird in my old age or something

What I paid and where I got them from:

30ML Red Astaire (24mg) bought from T-Juice for £15.95
10ML Quintessence (16mg) bought from UK Ecigstore  for £4.99
10ML Primo Verde (16mg) bought from UK Ecigstore for £4.99
7ml Vamp Vape (16mg) bought from UK Ecigstore for £4.99. This one has the little plastic nipple/syringe top inside missing because I lost it after taking it off with some pliers to sniff the juice. Don't ask. It also involved me spilling some that's why it's only about 7ml. I'll make sure the bottle's sealed properly but you'll want to put it into your own pouring bottle I would have thought or replace the top if you've a spare

I'd like £15 all in (includes Royal Mail postage and paypal fees). Sorry, no splitting and UK only. I can forward the original receipts from stores above if wanted

Oh, and don't forget I've got an original genuine Foggatti T-22 on here for the excellent price of £80 if anyone's interested:


Cheers all and DM me if interested  ;D
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