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ECR Business Cards Now Available

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Hi all,

i have finally received my order of business cards which have the details about my website and forum. quite a few guys and gals requested these so they can hand them out to anyone who is interested in learning more about electronic come and grab em!  :D

if you would like a bunch of cards to help "spread the word" then please send me a PM with your full name and address and i will get them in the post to you as soon as of charge of course!  :D

thank you very much indeed for helping to promote the site and raise awareness of extremely grateful!

Alternatively, you can also download the template and print it out at home ;)  (please see the download link just under this post)

all the best,



EDIT: An updated ECR business card has now been added

Would you consider shipping to the USA? For all the people who ask me for info when I don't have the time or something to write on I could really use some.

I figured rather than a pm, this question would be better inside the thread in case another American has the same question.

hi mate,

yes, i send them worldwide ;)

just PM me your name and address and i will get them posted the next time i go to the post office :D



PM sent, thanks man :)

justin case:
would it not be more cost effective for you scott to have a template on the site so people could print off their own ones?


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