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Ikarus Broke


Hey Guys,

I need help. I have a massive issue!! I disassembled my Ikarus button as it was sticking slightly. I took the whole thing apart and stacked the magnets and put them on top of one another and put them to one side. When reassembling, in a moment of sheer insanity I tried to fit them on the end of the button post. They slid down the post and stuck in the ingress in the end of the button.
Now I cant get them out at all. They are absolutely wedged in and I have no clue how to remove them.

Pls see images attached. Can anyone help?


heating it to an extreme temperature, would possibly drastically reduce the magnetism - however i'm not suse if that would help you or introduce a new problem in leaving you demagnetised :-\

Pair of pliers around the top magnet and pull upwards.....the top magnet will grip the lower one and both will get removed together ;)

If I was faces with this situation I would take a pare of wire or tin snips and see if I could muscle the blades between the switch and the magnets enough to weaken the hold.  I have only had 1 pare of magnets for the chemesis and broke them to bits with my fingers trying to get them apart so image you could break those magnets as well. :(


Pair of pliers did it. I feel like an idiot!! lol

Thanks Guys


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