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A friend just received his nemesis from FT today and came to my work for some help. The build quality seems nice and I understand all the components and how to assemble for various batt sizes - but something is wrong ?? With the base + top cap I can adjust the center pin down and get the device firing on an 18350, but with the base + short extension + top cape an 18500 just rattles and won't make contact and fire, or with the base + medium extension tube +  top cape I can't get it to tighten down on an 18650 so it won't fire ??? Has anyone else encountered this problem ?

Could be that the kick ring is still on it? the polished ±5mm ring?

yep - remove the kick ring - take off the top cap/atty connection - attach atty - tighten the inner atty pin up to atty - put back on mod - pop battery in - attach bottom/switch - prior to tightening full, you sort of push it and release it a few times to allow the bottom to lock up to the battery.

should be fine from there on.

Maybe ??? There are 3 polished rings:
1st is the air flow control ring
2nd is on the top cap and below the air flow ring (top of the threads)
3rd is the locking ring locking ring above the switch

If ring #2 can be removed to allow the top cap to screw down farther then the problem would be solved. 

Bingo. That was it ;D. I had no idea that was removable.  Thanks so much

The Nemesis kick ring strikes again lol.  ;D


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