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Video Chat Room Now Open!

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hi all,

i know there are already a couple of threads floating around about the chat room...........but this is the "official opening of the chat room" thread  :D

the chat room is now fully open and functioning properly and it can be accessed by pressing the "Community Chat" button that has now been added to the main menu. once pressed you will automatically be logged into the "ECR Chat Room" where you will then be given the option of joining one of the rooms available.

the rooms will show you how many people are in that particular room and to join it all you have to do is click! you also have the option of creating your own room which can be password protected should you wish to chat privately to someone.

if you have a webcam you will be asked for permission to broadcast it so then other people will be able to view you...........please make sure you are dressed before giving permission  ;) lol

to view a persons webcam all you have to do is click the little webcam icon that will appear next to their username. it will then display their webcam and you can view up to 10 people at a time (i can extend it to more people if it becomes necessary).
you also have the option to create friends lists, block people from viewing your webcam, change the chat room skin, change the font etc etc etc etc

and to clear something up, "whispering" to someone does not mean no one else can see your message! it means that you are letting the person know you are directing the comment at them  ;)
there is the option of sending a private message / private conversation though so if there is something you want to say privately then please use that option rather than the "whisper" option!  :D

Chat room rules are as follows:-

1. Be responsible and respectful adults!

2. If you think your conversation may turn a bit racy then please start a private room!

3. No bullying or racist remarks.

please enjoy this great new feature of the forum and use it for the correct chat and have a laugh!

enjoy!  :D



ps..........please use this thread to report any problems

Anyone want to get a room, lol.


me jc, wayne and squid and fiona are in chat now

Any one want a Chat in the new rooms >.>

justin case:
it's not bad enough that wayne has bullied everyone into using head sets because of his echo phobia,  now he wants everybody to wear pink slippers with pom poms cos he reckons the sound of our feet are making his dog bark.


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