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Author Topic: ~Dud Griffin~ Didish Cheap Rebuildable Genesis Styler Review  (Read 1554 times)


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~Dud Griffin~ Didish Cheap Rebuildable Genesis Styler Review
« on: October 29, 2012, 04:02:13 AM »

Before I enter the world of time-money-effort consuming Genesis, I thought I should give it a try, so on hunting for a cheap one to experiment on I stumbled onto this discountvapors website and ordered a griffin did clone. I got it a month ago and tinkered a lot with it and it works perfect.

It works perfect because if you can fix anything properly in Genesis style and have things in order it is bound to work imo. It works perfect because the mechanics are simple and with a little extra effort it can be fixed. Other than that it is a pretty flawed design. Here is why -

1. The rubber parts it comes with to fill in the gap between the center post and the the rest of the device tore and came apart in about 3 minutes of getting the device. I replaced them with my own cut out of rubber washers which i got from a cartomizer. (those rubber things you replace with a drip tip). It was painful but works just fine.

2. The fact that the rubber parts are crap they make it difficult to align the center post properly and sometimes the rubber gets squeezed and then slowly keeps retracting the center post. Which make it really buggy as i hate shifting the center post once i have my wick-coil setup.

3. the screws and working area is really small and there is no o-ring/ insulation between the mesh wick and the hole through which it enters the juice chamber.

4. Off course the air hole does not align with the wick at all and you see a gap and the o-ring when the airhole and the wick are aligned.

5. The polishing of the internal bits is pretty crappy and rough.

6. The wick has be shorter than the centre post otherwise it touches the top cap and the friction messes up the alignment of the coil and wick which you pre configure to avoid shorting. 

That being said there are a couple of good things about this as well -

1. The threads are fine. No complaints.

2. All drip tips fit.

3. Airhole size is good imo.

4. Well polished from the outside. Looks like a solid device.

5. the screws fit well and most metal parts does not seem to be flimsy.

6. Really cheap compared to other genesis.


 Now that i have figured this one out I think i will buying a few more. This is my first experience so the observations can obvious or wrong. Here is the link to where it can be purchased from -


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