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Hi all,

Firstly, thank you very much for joining the forum! I hope you will enjoy your time here and make a few friends along the way  :D

Its my intention to let the forum members participate with as little rules and moderation as possible. However, its probably best to add a few guidelines in order to make this a safe and fun place to visit. Therefore please take into consideration the following:-

1. No spam
2. No racial, sexual or threatening behaviour or content (which includes the bullying and harassment of fellow forum members)
3. No foul language
4. No double posting..........please simply edit your post or wait for someone to reply
5. No drugs talk
6. No reviews (this forum is an extension of and all reviews can be found HERE)
7. No unnecessary supplier would like to maintain a good relationship with all suppliers. Please feel free to openly discuss a supplier and their products, but please direct customer complaints to the suppliers customer services team.

I thank you for your cooperation  :D




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