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Video Chat Room - User Guide


Handy Tip: For the best experience in the chat room, please use a headset.........even a cheap headset from the Pound Shop will work great! :D

hi all,

here is a detailed user guide on how to use the video chat room...........hopefully it will be easy to follow :D

1. To enter the chat you 1st need to be logged into the forum. Once you are logged in, click the button called "Community Chat"

2. You will then be presented with this screen which is your "Room List" screen.

On the left hand side of this screen you will see 3 tabs. The middle tab shows you a list of all the people who are currently online in the chat area

And the bottom tab is the settings screen


3. If you are using the chat room for the 1st time, then BEFORE you enter any of the chat rooms its very important to set up your microphone and camera go ahead and click on the bottom tab to enter the settings area

This will then give you 3 tabs along the top of the screen. The 1st tab is called "General" and from here you can adjust things like the sound notifications and change the skin of the chat room

The second tab is called "Fonts and Styles" and from here you can adjust the font style and size etc

And the third tab (most important one!!) is called "A / V Settings" and from here you can set up your microphone and camera

4. So begin by clicking "Enable A / V"

It will then ask you permission to enable your camera and "Allow"

You will then hopefully see a box showing your live video feed with a smaller box underneath that is showing your microphone level.

If one (or both) do not appear.......DONT PANIC!!

To correct this, 1st click on the "Select Camera" options to reveal a drop down list...........then choose your camera

Next, click on the "Select Microphone" options to reveal a drop down list...........then choose your microphone

You are almost ready to enter the chat room!! :D       But not just yet!  :'(

In order to make your time in chat enjoyable for yourself and others then there is one more small thing you need to do.

5. Click on the "Advanced" button and you will then be presented with this screen. Along the bottom row you will see a set of small the icon that resembles a microphone

Now you will see a slider which you can use to adjust the output volume of your microphone.........set it to just over half way which should be enough for you to be heard clearly without any distortion. If whilst in the chat room people say you sound very quiet then you can easily come back to this screen and increase the slider

You will also see a small check box called "Reduce Echo"........please make sure that it has a tick in it! ;)

Once you have adjusted your volume and ensured the "Reduce Echo" option has been the "Close" button

Set up over.......Phew! :D

Thats it! You are now all set up to enter one of the chat rooms, and as long as the above has been followed correctly you should have a trouble free and enjoyable experience! ;)

So now you have set up your camera and microphone, lets enter a chat room and start chatting!

6. Go back to the "Room List" screen and then select a room to enter by clicking on it

7. Once in the room you will then need to do a few simple things in order to be able to see and hear the other people

along the right hand side of the screen you will see a list of the people who are in the room. Next to their names you will see a small icon that resembles either a webcam or a microphone:-

Webcam = The person has an enabled webcam and microphone

Microphone = The person does not have a webcam but does have an enabled microphone (so you can hear them, but wont be able to see them)

On rare occasions the person may not have any icon next to their name........this means they dont have an enabled webcam or a microphone and are communicating solely via text instead

(An eye icon next to a persons name means that they are watching you on your webcam)

8. If you want to see and hear a person then you will need to click on their webcam icon (or microphone icon if they are not using a webcam)

so choose who you want to see and hear by pressing the icon for EACH person

As you click on a persons webcam a box will appear at the top of the screen showing their live video will also then start to hear the person too!

(its good etiquette to click on all the people who have a webcam / microphone enabled.........they may get upset if you dont as it comes across that you are ignoring that person, lol)

The other people in the room will then click on your webcam and they too will then be able to see and hear you! :D

(imagine its like a telephone takes both people in the conversation to pick up the phone! this is why people need to click on each others webcam icons)



If you click on your own webcam icon then it will cause severe feedback! The only people who should appear at the top of the screen are the other people you are chatting will be able to see your own webcam as it will automatically appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

And that is it! You are good to go!! :D

You will only need to do the camera and microphone set up the 1st time you use the chat room as it will save your settings (hopefully!). The next time you visit the chat you should be able to jump right into a room and start chatting!




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