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DSE 808 Stick design

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hi mate,

the "wicked stick" looks just like a Janty Stick V3 to me  ;)

LF Abe:
It''s the same as a v3 Janty so made by Joye.  What have they done with the logo on it? It's quite an excercise in branding. One thing I will say, that is an exceptional price on the body only. Looking at the Janty price list I can see how he can do it. Rather oddly, the DSE body is quite a bit more expensive at wholesale. but the whole kits are cheaper.

There is a V4 out in June.

I'm keeping my piggy bank closed until v4 when we'll hopefully a better battery performance.

I think the lack of throat hit is all down to the atomizer. I bought a BE112 specifically because it had less throat hit (but more flavour) as I was finding the 510 a little harsh at 5V on my ECC passthrough (BE112+5V=Best Vaping Experiece Ever!).

I see that the horned one is selling easily removable stick friendly 501 -> 801 adapters for a fiver - this might be a solution for people who find the 808's bark better than its bite.

I use a 901 adapter in my V! jantysick and it works fine.....I also think it stops the thing from flooding, is a good price on the body but the logo is too much....

Jaded....i thought the wicked stick uses 801s and the adapter is for use with 510s.... :)

yeah, i think TW have gone a bit OTT with the branding on their Janty wicked stick. just the devil head placed on the back would have been fine, but the full length body shot on the back plus a devils head on the button is a bit off putting to me.


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