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Okay, just had this thing arrive today, as I've been wanting a 'Janty Stick' for some time now, but could not afford the 50 quid required.  With a lil cash, and some accrued credit I bit the bullet and bought this.  One day from order to arrival, quick as always from my favourite provider. :D

It came in a rather pretty presentation box, and had recently had its 801 atomizer replaced with something called a BE112, as standard now, not that I'd used either before.  I assembled the unit in quick time, using what looked like a silver-grey AAA battery, called a 10440, and put its easy to use brass tip on, to seal it in place, and the ring of light flashed three times to tell me it was in properly.  Took out a cartridge, and nearly passed out.  These things are huge, even my new Kittens eyes seemed to bulge in surprise at the size, I reckon a good millilitre will be needed to fill this behemoth. :o

Anywho, fully asembled I took my first drag, and nearly coughed up a lung, the throat hit was grand!  I'd been upset by the lack of performance of my 3.7v stuff of late, but this has reinvigorated my senses, and the flavour was amazing.  Crap flavour, but it was flavoured, and very deep and very much as I remember standard carts to be. (Though this lot had far less burnt sugar taste)

I've only had it about 3 hours, so this is a first impression, as it stands right now, I think this will easily become my go-to 3.7 device, without any LR mods or uber battery alterations.  The feel is great, the look is very much like a V2 Janty, with the battery cap actually being usable looking, with a hole for the lanyard, and I even love the LED, it turns purple, PURPLE! :o (Though only briefly)

Anywho, Cloud (the new kitty) wants some TLC, so I'll see y'all later.)

hi mate,

i just finished recording a review on the 808!

at 1st i wasnt too impressed when using the atomiser that came with it. but after a quick email to Abe and following feedback from his customers he has now swapped all the atomisers for a BE112...............vapes a treat now!  :D



Never used the original, came by default with the BE112, I'm loving it. :)

lol, the original atty was pretty didnt miss much!  ;)

I noticed TWUK have a wicked stick for sale...I think it must be a Joye one and I don't really like Mr Wicked being on it.....I did wonder if it was a V3, anyone know? I will now check out the dse...


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