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Prize Arrived & My Thought So Far

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i recieved the prize today from Craig at Mirage Cigarettes. He sent the new upgraded model.

my impressions so far, are very good.

the manual is clear and very easy to understand.

the batteries are substantial. each has an end LED illuminating a blue ring shape which becomes red with long button presses.

the atty is a 510 tank type which is performing very well so far. the tank is longer than a standard 510 tank, so accepts much more juice per fill.
the cosmetic cone improves the overall look by smoothing the wider battery to the slimmer atomiser.
i do have a personal preference of silver over gold so i would choose silver on the cone banding, but thats only my own preference.

i also recieved a 10ml bottle of "Tob" Oasis Liquid which is very pleasant and suitably mimics a good Tobbacco flavour.

i did recieve the kit as a prize, so my views are possitively based, but all in all i think my honest opinion is to say that the kit is very good and definately to my liking. it certainly vapes well and delivers everything you could expect in terms of functionality, plus it looks good.

so thanks again Craig. i will now repack the kit and pass it on to a hardened smoker who im sure will be equally pleased.

Sounds like a quality kit itsmeitis,  I look forward to hearing how the recipient of it gets on with vaping ;D

likewise capt. it definately has all the umph required  to help a smoker make the full switch. thanks to the forum for the facilities and craig for the device, i think i will be able to do my little bit for mankind by converting one lucky newcomer to the ecig revolution. :D

Glad you have received and you like the kit . I wish one of ur friends the best of luck , keep us informed .

Great news, itsmeitis. Please let us know how your friend likes it.  Especially happy that both contest kits are finding their way to new vapers. Spreading the joy :)

Haven't gotten the other prize kit yet. I've no clue how long it takes to ship to the US from the UK. In the meantime I'm mixing up different flavors of juice to add to the kit as a sampler pack so my friend gets an idea as to what types of flavors would or would not work for him and the wife.


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