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Mirage Craig:
"Hi there,

My name is Craig and to celebrate my 1st post on the forum id like to give you guys a chance to win some free goodies!! so up for grabs are a Mirage Apollo Tank kit l and a Mirage Zeus Tank kit (coming soon)

to have your chance of winning all you have to do is post in this thread!

i have already written down the "winning numbers" and the winners will be the people who have a matching reply number on their post

post what you want, as often as you want..........but please wait until a reply has been made before you post again.

once the thread has received 500 replies i will then announce the  winners!!

So get posting!!


justin case:
500 posts, lol, we will all be too old to enjoy it then.

Hiya and welcome to the forum Craig.  :)

500 posts?.....Bet this thread's going to be

ive seen these type of comps on other forums but they were for a 1000 posts..........they only lasted about a day or 2!  ;)

i think its a great comp and all you have to do is post random nonsense! lol :D


justin case:
bet this thread sends jimbo into a posting frenzy,  once he gets going......oh boy, lol.


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