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Hello, and welcome to the new and improved ECR website!

ECR has been running for 5 years now and the original website was looking a little tired and out of date. But im very pleased to say the developers have done a great job of completely rebuilding the site from the ground up and i hope you all enjoy the improvements

Thank you for visiting!

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Latest News

Latest News


Review of the 26650 Vapor Giant Set uploaded


Review of the 24mm Gizmo Stealth Mod uploaded


Review of the Igo-W7 Dripping Atomiser uploaded


Review of the MiniAtty by Chels uploaded


Review of the Vapor Giant Mini Set uploaded


Review of the Pegasus 22 Genesis atomiser uploaded


Review of the Defender by MikroEngineering uploaded


Review of the Line LE by Van uploaded


Review of the NicksBlissfulBrews.com E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the Neuron Mod uploaded


Review of the AlloyBlends.com E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the Crypto Edition-1 uploaded


Review of the Kanger AeroTank Mega uploaded


Review of the Arama by Madz Modz uploaded


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Review of the Foggatti Switch Blade Dripper uploaded



ECR has teamed up with the chaps over at VapeEscape.co.uk who have very kindly donated some fantastic prizes to giveaway! Click HERE to visit the competitions page and enter!


Review of the Lernaia Hydra and Zorbas uploaded


ATTENTION PLEASE - A person is contacting suppliers begging for freebies whilst claiming to be a representative of my YouTube channel and website. I have no idea who this scumbag is but can confirm that he is not associated to myself, my YouTube channel or my websites in any way, shape or form!

If you are a supplier that receives a message begging for freebies whilst claiming to be myself or a representative of my YouTube channel or website then please kindly tell them to sod off

For the record, i NEVER contact suppliers to ask for review items...so if you ever get a message asking for review items from a person that claims to be me or a representative of my website then that is a guaranteed way of being able to tell its fake!

The name being used by this person is "Cameron Jay" and the email address being used is camerondakillz2000@gmail.com

If you are a supplier who has been caught out by this scam then please contact me with his address details so i may forward his information to the police

Once again, i stress that this person is not associated with myself, my YouTube channel or my website in any way, shape or form!

Many thanks,

The "real" Scott Bonner (igetcha69)  -  Owner of E-Cig-Reviews.com


Review of the GP Paps Lux Edition V3 uploaded


Review of the Aspire Mini Nautilus uploaded


Review of the Nucleus Dripping Atomiser V2 by Mojo uploaded


Review of the Vicious Ant VariAnt uploaded


Review of the Yillo E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the GG Esterigon uploaded


Review of the 510 Vela Latina Drip Tank uploaded


Review of the Chi You Megan 318 uploaded


Review of the Mini Valkyrie uploaded


Review of the N-Vape Mini Pro uploaded


Review of the GP Paps v3 uploaded


Review of the GP Heron v1.5 uploaded


Review of the MCR 101 uploaded


Review of the Prometheus atomiser uploaded


Review of the Wizard's Apprentice Evolved 2 uploaded


Review of the Buffalo Mod by Mojo uploaded



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Review of the ROK Britannia Super Premium E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the Clear Steam E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the V3Tronix Flip uploaded


Review of the IN'AX Hybrid uploaded


Review of the VaporShark DNA30 uploaded


Review of the Cage by Leo uploaded


Review of the SilverBack by Vicious Ant uploaded


Review of the Moe's Potions E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the VampireVape.co.uk E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the Smok Dripper RDA uploaded


Review of the KKVapeTek RBA Coil Jig uploaded


Review of the Aspire Nautilus BDC uploaded

Review of the Nucleus Dripper by Mojo uploaded


Review of the Nahualon Genesis atomiser uploaded


Review of the Euphoria uploaded


JacVapour Competition Winners Announced!

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EA Mod B - YouTube Giveaway Winner Announced!

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Review of the EA Mod B uploaded


Review of the Satburn Mini Mod and JacVapour UK made E-Liquid uploaded


Vapour-Room competition winners announced! Click HERE to see if you won!


Review of the Ithaka update kit uploaded


Review of the Penelope V2 atomiser uploaded



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Review of the Blue Tongue Genesis Hybrid uploaded


Review of the Big Willie's E-Liquid uploaded


Review of the AGA-TD Genesis atomiser uploaded


A dedicated section has been added for reviews on rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDA's) and a review on the Crown RDA has been uploaded


Review of the Satburn 22 Genesis atomiser uploaded


Review of the PipeLine Pro by Dicodes uploaded


Reviews on the Just GG by Golden Greek and SteamGunk E-Liquid uploaded


Reviews on the Silver Fox Hybrid, IN'AX atomiser and RedSmoker.com E-Liquid uploaded


Reviews on the Rook 2, Lords Linctus E-Liquid, V3 .50 Cal Bullet Mod, Lallaboutique E-Liquid and Skynet Mini have all been recently uploaded


ECR would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

And the new ECR website is live.....Finally!
Okay, so what has changed? Well quite a lot! For starters the general look of the site has been given a major facelift and hopefully you will all agree that it now looks a lot more modern and up to date. In addition, a lot of focus has been placed on social media integration. This means you can now easily share information found on the site via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest plus each review page also has built in Facebook comments which will allow you to discuss the review / product with friends and fellow ECR visitors
A very cool feature is the addition of a ratings system with technical specs that has been built specifically for ECR and these can be found on most review pages where I believe the additional info would be beneficial to the viewer. This allows you to very quickly get an understanding as to whether the reviewed product is something you may be interested in without the need to even hit the play button! (Though I hope you still keep watching the reviews of course! lol)
To make navigation easier I have broken the review categories down into even more specific sections using the terminology that the majority of "vapers" tend to use these days. So for example, if you want to watch reviews on Genesis Hybrids then visit the "Genesis Hybrids" section, or if you want to watch reviews on cartomiser tanks then head over to the "Cartomiser Tanks" section etc etc
Now an issue i had with the old version of ECR was the sheer amount of videos available on the site. With around 450 reviews that had built up over a period of 5 years it made finding what you was after that little more difficult, so i decided to not include them all on the new version of ECR. Some have not been added due to being reviews for products that no longer exist etc, but a lot of the older videos can still be found in the new "Archives" section. The archives section is a place where old reviews can still be viewed (if required) whilst freeing up the rest of the site and allowing it to remain current and up to date. So if you can’t find a specific review then head over to the archives section to check if it’s available there. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the archives just to laugh at my earlier reviews and witness my many different hairstyles!
Suppliers wishing for a review can now check my current review status at a quick glance by simply visiting the "Contact Us" page and taking a look at the rather cool review status widget!
In total there has been so many changes to the new and (hopefully) improved ECR that i could spend the rest of my day telling you all about them. But for the time being i think i will leave it there and let you guys discover the changes for yourself
As its a new site I’m sure there will be a few bugs, so if you find anything then please let me know by contacting me via the "Contact Us" page (which has also been greatly improved by the way!)
Thank you for visiting and happy vaping!
I think we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! After many weeks its starting to now feel like the building process of the website is coming to conclusion. There are still a few minor bugs that need working on and several pages of content waiting to be either edited or added, but the hard slog is definitely over and we are now on the home straight!
Well its been a busy week and the website has seen many changes take place! A swanky looking gallery has been added to the bottom of the home page and there i will be adding photos of some of my favourite setups. However, if you have a favourite setup that you would like to feature in the gallery then please feel free to send me your picture!
On the right hand side you will now find my Twitter feed which will allow you to keep up to date with the things i post to the TwitterSphere, and on the left hand side of the site you will now find social sharing options. So if you come across a page on the site you particularly enjoy then please share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest
That is all for now, but more updates will follow soon!

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So the new website has finally gone live and to celebrate it seems only fair to get a few competitions going! Over the next few weeks there will be plenty of prizes up for grabs such as an Innokin iTaste V3, a Provari, E-Liquid, Genesis atomisers and more!

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